Welcome ! I'm Isaiah Johnson this is my personal style/lifestyle blog. My aim is to show you that having a creative and collected style is possible without breaking the bank. Enjoy.

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A Collected Style:

Earn Your Rayas

Due to the summer heat I haven’t been wearing blazers/sports coats like I want to. But for the past few weeks it’s been feeling like fall. The humidity has gone down and cool breeze has been on the rise. So i felt like this was the perfect time to showcase how you can style a sports coat if your city is cooling down as well. This is a super casual look that’s great for a stroll through your city or a date night with your significant other. When it comes to wearing a t-shirt under a blazer, either go simple with a neutral color like grey or white, or add some funk with a striped or polka-dot tee. What do you think of todays look?

Outfit Details: Salmon Sports Coat, Salvation Army -$2.50 || Factory Driggs Jeans by J.Crew -$36 || Men’s Striped T-Shirt Navy Voyage by Merona - $13 || Buckingham Buc  by G.H. Bass -$98

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Be Wise. Be Free. Be Great. Be Forgiving. Be Ambitious. Be YOU.

A Collected Find: 

Goodwill || 1/18/14

Converse by Jack Purcell - $10

Fisherman Sweater by Van Heusen - $4

Knit Sweater by J.Crew - $4

Total- $18

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Be Wise. Be Free. Be Great. Be Forgiving. Be Ambitious. Be YOU.

A Collected Find:

The Designer Men’s Room Consignment Store. Indianapolis, IN 

May 15, 2013

Lime Green Wingtips by Asos-$50.00

A Collected Find:

The Designer Mens Room Consignment Store. Indianapolis, IN

Veblen Wine Colored Wingtips by Florsheim -$42.00

Black Herringbone  Sports Coat with Elbow Patches-$5.00


Buried Treasure #13

Upscale Cheapskate(Consignment Store)

Lime Green Cashmere Sweater by Ralph Lauren-$25.00

Red Tie with Blue Polka Dots by Mario Valentino-$4.00

Total- $29.00

“Clothes and manners do not make the man; but when he is made, they greatly improve his appearance. “- Arthur Ashe

Knockin Da Boots

Navy Blue Blazer by Andhurst (Consignment Store $10.00)

Madras Button Down by Ralph Lauren(Consignment Store $15.00)

Grey Wool Cardigan (Salvation Army $5.00)

Green Scarf (H&M $12.00)

Army Green Alpha Khakis by Dockers (T.J. Maxx $16.99)

Light Brown Knit Tie as Pocket Square( Salvation Army $1.00)

Brown Boots by Nautica (Salvation Army $8.00)

God Bless

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A Collected Style Feature: Rob of Daily Haberdashery

Rob is an amateur style blogger who loves to dip into vintage and thrift stores to round out his outfits. Never one to turn down a pattern, he is nothing if not a bit adventurous and tries new things whenever he can in putting together his wardrobe. He’s also not rich—so his blog is full of style you could actually afford. Rob lives in Toronto, Ontario and works in theatre as a writer, producer, and educator.

 My style is inspired by my love of theatre. There’s nothing better than getting into a costume, and letting that costume determine your day. Not that my outfits are costume-y (at least I hope not), but they are meant to evoke something different—as they certainly make me feel something different. On rainy days, I always wear bright colours and a tie… so I guess my style inspirations are much more connected to my emotions rather than a particular icon or era. Plus, I’m an artist, so I don’t have a lot of money. Lots of my choices are creative solutions to a lack of cash.

How to Thrift/Vintage Shop

Check out my new article on the art of Thrifting :)

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A Collected Style Feature: Kelli

I am Kelli, and I currently create (and recreate) my home in the lovely city of Portland, Oregon. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, I have been raised with a strong ethic of resource stewardship and creativity. My background and education is in leadership for sustainability, which is something I try to include in every aspect of my life. My home (nest) is almost entirely thrifted or second hand gifts from family and friends, as is my wardrobe. I thrift because it is affordable and practical for a woman fresh out of grad school. I thrift because it keeps my money in our local economy, supporting local community organizations who actively work for social justice and environmental issues. And I thrift because it reduces the use of virgin materials (cotton, water, land, packaging, shipping, etc.) and helps keeps amazing pieces of clothing out of the landfill.

As for my style, classic colors and relaxed, comfortable fabrics influence what I choose to thrift/wear. I am a tomboy through and through, and lean towards menswear influences. Mostly, I try to keep my closet practical and dress in anticipation of any great adventure that might come my way, and I can do almost anything in a button up, a pair of loafers, and trusty denim.

A Collected Style Recap:8/6-8/10

Style Comes From Within

Buried Treasure #20


Salvation Army 

Multi Colored Houndstooth Sports Coat by Colours by  Alexander Julian-$3.50

Flannel Button Down by RoundTree & Yorke -$3.29

Yellow/Blue Button Down by Brooks Brothers-$3.29

White Button Down by Banana Republic-$3.29


Buried Treasure #19

Salvation Army 


Brown Houndstooth Sports Coat-$1.00

Green Blazer-$1.00


Striped Button Down by Brooks Brother-$1.00

Navy Blue Corduroy Shirt by Saddlebred-$1.00


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