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A Collected Find:

Good Will || 6 /28/14

I can’t wait to style these pieces. 

Denim Button Down by Tommy Hilfiger - $4.29

Blue Striped Button Up by Banana Republic - $2.15

Grey Sweatshirt by Eddie Bauer -$4.29

Green Striped Button Down by Tommy Hilfiger - $4.29

Total - $15.02

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Be Wise. Be Free. Be Great. Be Forgiving. Be Ambitious. Be YOU.

A Collected Find:

Salvation Army || 2/8/14

Stay tuned to tomorrow to see how I styled these finds .

Topcoat - $9

Knit Sweater by Ralph Lauren - $4

Grey New Balance 993 - $10

Total - $23

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Be Wise. Be Free. Be Great. Be Forgiving. Be Ambitious. Be YOU.

A Collected Style Feature:

Lydia Abate of Chic on the Cheap

My name is Lydia and my blog is Chic on the Cheap, where I love to share my best clearance rack and thrift finds to create looks which hopefully appear a lot more expensive than they are.

There are so many resources and ways to nab great pieces for less, when shopping retail, I take advantage of coupon codes (which is how I got a genuine leather jacket from the Gap for half off), or I shop off price at stores like TJMaxx where I found a $200 Joie dress for $15 and a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses for $60.

When it comes to secondhand shopping, it’s all about frequency. The best finds don’t just fall into your lap, and they aren’t there every day. I have a few local stores I can pop into regularly and when one of those covetable items appears, I can snatch it right up. While I have thrifted great pieces like my J.Crew gingham shirt or ikat skirt for a fraction of the retail price, my favorite thing to thrift is jewelry. That is where it’s at for me. Vintage pieces are so well made, the metal never discolors, you (mostly) don’t have to worry about sizes, and it’s always ridiculously cheap!

For something I simply have to have, ebay saved searches are the best, and is how I landed my lovely red vintage coach bag for $70 and my J.Crew chambray blazer for $20.

There are so many ways to source your fashion for less, the only problem is where to put it once you’ve brought it home.

My style inspirations are mostly just other bloggers, real women in all heights and sizes, sharing what they are wearing for their real everyday lives. You don’t have to be a model in an editorial of a magazine to dress beautifully and sensibly, but you can have just as much style.

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A Collected Interview:

Birdie Duffey of Thrift-O-Rama

My name is Bridie. I am 18 (almost 19!) and opinionated. I’m a Chicagoan who ran away to Western Mass to think about feminism, exercise poor taste and get silly haircuts. My favorite activities and going to a lot of thrift stores and then talking about them on the Internet. I run Thrift-o-Rama, a blog that chronicles my style journey—so far; it’s been a grand (and thrifty!) adventure.

What got you into thrifting?

The summer I turned 14 (so this would have been 2008), I was sitting around watching a lot of Daria and anticipating starting my new, fancy private high school. Influenced somehow, I think, by the fictional lives of overly alternative teenagers from the 90s, I got it in my head that I would go look for school shoes at the Salvation Army. (I got very 00’s high-heeled Mary Janes. They fell apart immediately.) I was hooked. And as with all teenagers being thrust into a foreign environment, I spent the next year or so on a campaign to reinvent my wardrobe. It’s been a process!

But there’s more to it than that. My younger self was uncomfortable with her weight, skin, teeth…pretty much her everything, actually. I hated shopping at traditional stores, where things often didn’t fit me and I always felt like people were staring at me. Thrift stores didn’t feel like that. And in the end, they helped me overcome my body issues. A sad beginning—but a happy ending! After escaping high school and it’s uniforms, my wardrobe grew and my attraction to thrift stores kind of…boiled over. To help me cope, I started a blog.

What’s most you’ve spent ever at the thrift store.

I brought almost no clothes with me when I went to college, so I mounted a ridiculously complicated thrifting venture and spent about $60. It hurt. But $60 for most of a wardrobe ain’t half bad, huh?

Has thrifting changed your views on the thought that you need to spend a lot of money to look and feel good

Yes and no. If you’re determined, secure with wearing things that are not specifically “in style,” wearing a size that is easily located in thrift stores, live in an area with cool thrift stores, and have access to transportation, then you’re set. Thrifting has revolutionized my style and my sense of self. My clothes budget stretches much further than it would if I didn’t buy things mostly second-hand. And I look great!

But I can’t deny that I am privileged, for the reasons lifted above. Thrifting doesn’t reach everybody. That’s a real shame. The good news? Most second-hand stores are indirectly stocked by the community. In this respect, you can help. Donate your clothes! (Provided it’s a reputable charity!)

Do you have any tips for people who are new to thrifting?

I’ve actually written an entire thrifting guide. It’s geared towards thrifting when you’re plus size, but it’s not that specific. You can find it here: (((You might want to make that link a little prettier.)))

To sum it up quickly? Get to know yourself and don’t give up! Thrifting takes practice.

What inspires your style?

I pull inspiration from a ridiculously large number of sources. I love vintage. I love kitsch. I love fashion magazines. Mostly, though, I’m inspired by real people, people working the ever-living bajeezus out of their clothes. Be it a lovely human on the street or a rad one on my tumblr dash, my style is born from really wanting to be as unbelievably cool as the amazing people I see. So, yeah, OK, I’m kind of a copy-cat. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?

What season brings the best out of your style?

Fall! It’s cold enough to wear my favorite things (sweaters, tights, scarves, all of it!) but not so cold that I can’t wear pretty skirts short sleeves. The light is beautiful. Everything smells crisp and spicy. Fall is the absolute best.

What do you want your readers to get from your blog?

First and foremost, my blog is about self-expression. It’s a project through which I discover myself. And it’s fun! It’s lighthearted and fun. I want my readers to comprehend how crazy fun style can be.

On a deeper level, I think it’s important for people to understand how radical and powerful fashion has the potential to be. Wielded correctly, fashion says something huge. Loving yourself and adorning yourself because it makes you happy, no matter how far your body strays from that manufactured and patriarchal beauty ideal the media perpetuates, is radical. Liking things you’re not supposed to like (“they’re ugly,” “they’re old,” “they’re for someone thinner,” “stop trying to be different”) is totally radical. Recognizing that? Recognizing that there’s power and depth to fashion, which is traditionally coded feminine—therefore associated with weakness and frivolity? That’s radical. That’s the raddest kind of radical. Getting dressed in the morning happens to be my way of fighting the power, and I’d love it if my readers could do that, too.

Who’s your style icon?

My style icon is a fictional character and I’m OK with that.

When I was 16, one of the chaperones and my homecoming dance came up and told me that I reminded her of Andie Walsh from Pretty in Pink. Even since then, I’ve considered her my style patronus.

(((This is a pretty good picture of her, if you want one: )))

Do you have any fellow bloggers who challenge and inspire your own blog?

SO. MANY. To name a few:

Naomi Shimada. GabiFresh. The Kitten’s Whiskers. The Dainty Squad. Nadia Aboulhosn. Scavenger Hunt.

The list of tumblr fashion bloggers I love is just a little too long to even get into. But wow. Fashion bloggers. You guys are amazing.

What inspires you?

Everything. I like music and art and people who do good things for the world. I like fantasy novels and French philosophers. I like movies that committed intellectuals would carefully call films and I like sappy romantic comedies. I like, if you haven’t noticed, clothes. They all make me want to get up do something. As is probably apparent, I’m a young woman who hasn’t quite figured herself out yet, but there’s about a million and three things that make me come alive. For now, that’s enough. 

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A Collected Find:

The Designer Mens Room Consignment Store. Indianapolis, IN

Veblen Wine Colored Wingtips by Florsheim -$42.00

Black Herringbone  Sports Coat with Elbow Patches-$5.00



A Collected Style

Hello Sunshine !

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Be Wise. Be Free. Be Great. Be Forgiving. Be Ambitious. Be YOU.


A Collected Style

One With Nature

  • Jean Jacket by Marc Jacobs(Consignment Store $56.00)
  • White Wash Alpha Khakis(Dockers $59.00)
  • Floral Shirt by Ralph Lauren(Consignment Store $12.00)
  • Brown Wingtips by Allen Edmonds(Salvation Army $7.00)
  • Red Shoelaces(Johnston&Murphy $3.00)

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Be Wise. Be Free. Be Great. Be Forgiving. Be Ambitious. Be YOU.


Red Sweater by Ralph Lauren(Consignment Store $14.00)

Navy Blue Button Down Shirt by Ralph Lauren(Salvation Army $3.00)

Vintage Jean Jacket Vest by Levi’s(Salvation Army $5.00)

Olive Green Alpha Khakis by Dockers(TJ Maxx $16.99)

Buchanon Taupe/Dk Brown Saddle Shoes  by Bass(SRI Show Warehouse $42.00)





A Collected Style Feature:Fly Won

Master Thrifter and reseller of unique and vintage women’s wear.


ACG-What’s your definition of Style?

 FW- I express myself through the form of fashion and style.

 ACG-What inspired your Style?

 FW- I don’t know that I have a style other than eccentricity and uniqueness. I’ll always add a touch of something to any look that is attention grabbing

ACG-What’s your dream job?

 FW-Finding and reselling vintage wears, which is What I do now just would like it to be on a grander scale and go a wider audience.

 ACG-Who’s your style icon and why?

 FW-Grace Jones! She was fearless, thee trendsetter, and definitive and comfortable in her own skin

Twitter/instagram @flywon

A Collected Style Recap 8/17-8/21 

“The best day of your life is the one on which you decide your life is your own. No apologies or excuses. No one to lean on, rely on, or blame. The gift of life is yours; it is an amazing journey; and you alone are responsible for the quality of it. ”-Dan Zandra




Red Robin

Navy Blue Pin Striped Blazer by American Eagle(Salvation Army $3.50)

Grey Knit Tie(Consignment Store $5.00)

White Shepard Bucs by Bass (Bass Outlet $40.00)

511 Levi Jeans(Levi Outlet $40.00)

Red Bandana(Thrift Store $1.00)

Plaid Button Down by Dockers(Consignment Store $5.00)

God Bless

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A Collected Style Feature: Kelli

I am Kelli, and I currently create (and recreate) my home in the lovely city of Portland, Oregon. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, I have been raised with a strong ethic of resource stewardship and creativity. My background and education is in leadership for sustainability, which is something I try to include in every aspect of my life. My home (nest) is almost entirely thrifted or second hand gifts from family and friends, as is my wardrobe. I thrift because it is affordable and practical for a woman fresh out of grad school. I thrift because it keeps my money in our local economy, supporting local community organizations who actively work for social justice and environmental issues. And I thrift because it reduces the use of virgin materials (cotton, water, land, packaging, shipping, etc.) and helps keeps amazing pieces of clothing out of the landfill.

As for my style, classic colors and relaxed, comfortable fabrics influence what I choose to thrift/wear. I am a tomboy through and through, and lean towards menswear influences. Mostly, I try to keep my closet practical and dress in anticipation of any great adventure that might come my way, and I can do almost anything in a button up, a pair of loafers, and trusty denim.

A Collected Style Recap:8/6-8/10

Style Comes From Within