A Collected Interview:

Craig Arthur von Schroeder , Creator of COMMONWEALTH PROPER

It was an honor to interview Craig and at the same time inspiring to  know he took risks to reach his dreams. It just shows that you must learn as much as you can and always follow your heart. I truly learned a lot from his words of wisdom.

Brief bio of yourself.

I went to Lafayette College, then went to England/Guatemala/Argentina and played professional soccer for 3 years, went to law school at Rutgers after that, practiced law for 5 years and all the while honing my design and tailor skills.  Quit law 2 years ago and opened up Commonwealth Proper


What’s Your Definition of Style?

It’s owning your own perspective on how to dress and live and not apologizing for the quirks that make you unique.  You have to be comfortable with your choices; it must be natural and authentic.


What Inspired Commonwealth Proper?

Playing soccer in England after college provided me a glimpse into Savile Row tailoring and living in Philadelphia the history of the city being the heart of American culture with a sense of blue-collar work ethic.


What tips do you have for personal style bloggers?

Be yourself, learn from others and adopt styles that fit your taste.  Keep growing and learning and evolving as style is something that should change as you change.  If you can afford it, buy quality pieces that fit and that are classic, as they will endure in your closet.


What makes your brand stand out from others?

 The brand is simply a manifestation of what we like and we hope that if we ourselves are unique our brand aesthetic will similarly have something different. It’s easy to be yourself and the brand is who we are.  We are into great-fitting clothes, classic styling with subtle details.  It should take people 15 minutes to see that you are best-dressed man in the room.


Where do you look for inspiration?

 We look for inspiration everywhere, not just from other brands, but life itself, our experiences, travel, sport, relationships, everything helps to shape what we do.  It’s complex and yet we try to promote a pared down style of utility and personalization.


Do you have any advice for men looking to refine their style?

Buy more white button-up dress shirts.  They are the most authentically American garments besides jeans that you can own.  They look good dressed up or down and you’ll always look sophisticated.


What do you see being BIG next fall? 

Men are understanding the power of layering their clothes to add complexity.  Men will continue to learn the way to mix and match their clothing as all men are stepping up their sartorial prowess.  It’s the media and women who are pushing men up the sophistication ladder.


What would you consider your dream job?

I created my dream job and living it everyday. Quitting practicing law was a decision that I’ve never regretted.


What’s your favorite garment of all time?

My Moncler jacket my fiancé bought me this winter. It is an incredible garment and reminds me of her.


Who’s your style icon and why?

My style Icon is Wes Anderson’s wardrobe team - the characters in his movies (Life Aquatic, Royal Tennenbaums, Dharjeeling Lmtd, etc) are always incredibly dressed in their own unique way.  Brilliant.

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