A Collected Style Feature:Alex Delany
My name is Alex Delany. I am a sophomore, studying graphic design and marketing at The College of New Jersey. I run the blog The Pantalones, and it is on that site that I channel my menswear inspiration, opinions, discoveries and endeavors. 

I grew up outside of Philadelphia, and I currently do work for the Philadelphia based bespoke haberdashery Commonwealth Proper. Philadelphia also feeds my foodie habits, as well as my love of craft beers.  

I’m your typical college kid, not some sartorial know it all. I study. I go to parties. I sip brews. I play sports. I watch movies. I go out to eat with my girlfriend. I talk shit with the fellas. I also enjoy dressing well.
I can’t really sum up my style except for saying that fashion fades, style lasts forever. I generally don’t indulge in trends or fads. I try to blend classic American style and classic Italian style, to achieve some sort of tailored casual style. I don’t know if it’s working, but that’s what I tell myself. Style idols include Sid Mashburn, Valentino Ricci, and Nick Sullivan.
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