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Keep working and practicing till that dream comes true 

A Collected Style:

Carpe Denim Pt. III 

This look was inspired by the Canadian Tuxedo and my love for Denim. I wanted to experiment and have fun, and this is what I came up with.  What do you all think of today’s look ?

Outfit Details: Denim Button Down by Tommy Hilfiger, Goodwill - $4.29 ||  Denim Button-Down   by Levi’s, Consignment Store - $11 ||  Killshot 2 Sneakers by Nike for J.Crew $70 || Factory Driggs Jeans by J.Crew -$36

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Be Wise. Be Free. Be Great. Be Forgiving. Be Ambitious. Be YOU.

A Collected Want:

Aime Leon Dore | Pre-Fall 0114

I stumbled up this brand while scrolling through tumblr last week and I was really impressed by their lookbook. I really loved the simplicity of the editorial as the color palette they used for the gear. But i was most impressed by the price range, nothing they’re offering is over $200 dollars. Sure, you can get most of the pieces their offering cheaper elsewhere, but for what it’s worth, I don’t think you can go wrong snagging a piece or two. Most of everything from the collection  is available now. I got my eye on the Nylon Parka, French Terry Sweat Pant, and Aime Crew. Let me know what you guys think of their collection .

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Be Wise. Be Free. Be Great. Be Forgiving. Be Ambitious. Be YOU.

Rise Above 

Good Morning

Beautiful People 

Fear can hold you prisoner. Hope can set you free.

It feels good to give back, but it feels even better when you can’t fit the clothes anymore 💪

Spread your wings and fly. Let nothing stop you in your pursuit of self, happiness and achievements. Don’t be fooled by the obstacles in your way, they’re only there to help  you grow. 

A Collected Style:


It was only right to bring out one of my favorite pickups from the consignment store for the summer. I love to style unique and colorful articles of clothing and this shirt takes the cake. The shirt is so loud I had to keep the rest of outfit neutral. Let me know what you think of this look? What’s your one of your favorite pieces you can’t wait to wear or already worn this summer?

Outfit Details: Vintage Mutli-Colored Button Down by Ralph Lauren, Consignment Store - $2.50 ||  The Brady Chukka , Courtesy of Trask || Alpha Khakis by Dockers - $40

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Be Wise. Be Free. Be Great. Be Forgiving. Be Ambitious. Be YOU.

I can’t believe I will be 25 this november, I guess time truly flies. Here’s a list of goals I strive to accomplish before I turn 25 this year. I’ll keep this post updated with every goal I accomplish. 

I’ve updated the list and crossed out the goals I’ve accomplished so far

1. Travel and enjoy a new state( Keeping my fingers crossed for Miami in September)

2. Finally get my License ( 8/5/14 )

3. Get a Passport so I can finally travel outside of the U.S. 

4. Visit my Father who I haven’t seen in a year. 

5. Go to my first concert  (Went to see Bone Thugs-N- Harmony last Friday)

6. Continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle

7. Read and finish 25 books 

8. Get 25 of my best photos printed, framed and hung-up .

9. Stay committed to not eating meat or dairy

10. Break all my bad habits (Nail Bitting, Overthinking)

11. Add new elements to my blog (Travel, Food and Videos)

12. Conquer my shyness (Missed so many opportunities being shy)

13.Become a Thrift Master :)

14. Use lessons I’ve learned to help and inspire others

15. Volunteer at a homeless Shelter

16. Volunteer at an Animal Shelter 

17. Find a tailor, develop a great relationship and learn as much as I can from him or her.

18. Create some amazing art/projects with some great people.(9/5/14)

19. Have a meet and greet with my readers.(9/12/14)

20. No longer let my past haunt my present and future.

21. Do something crazy like Skydiving or Surfing.

22. Stop thinking everyone is out to get me.

23. Buy my first car.

24. Become more independent.

25. Love myself even more.

A Collected Style:


I wanted to take a crack at wearing white on white and this is the look that I came up with. I wanted the top and bottoms to be white with a pop of color styled around it. I believe that a denim jacket and a pair of limited edition gold sneakers were balanced out with the crisp white attire. What do you think of today’s look? Have you ever worn white on white before?

Outfit Details:  Alpha Khakis by Dockers - $40 || Denim Jacket by Marc Jacobs, Consignment Store - $50 || Men’s Crew Neck T-Shirt  by Merona - $13 || Sneakers by Ronnie Fieg X Asics Gel Lyte III - KFE - $185

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Be Wise. Be Free. Be Great. Be Forgiving. Be Ambitious. Be YOU.

Your TIMEis coming, just keep pushing and persevering until it does. 

Essentials for today’s trip to Cincinnati

A Collected Pickup:

Gel Lyte III - KFE by Ronnie Fieg X Asics

I managed to get my hands on a pair of limited edition shoes before they sold-out last Saturday online. I’ve been eyeing them for a while now, but I thought I wasn’t going to be able to get them because I’ve never had good luck getting limited edition shoes when they are released online. Let me know what you guys think of them? Be sure to check out acollectedgentleman.com on Monday to see how I styled them. 

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Be Wise. Be Free. Be Great. Be Forgiving. Be Ambitious. Be YOU.

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