Welcome ! I'm Isaiah Johnson this is my personal style/lifestyle blog. My aim is to show you that having a creative and collected style is possible without breaking the bank. Enjoy.

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A Collected Review:

The Brady Chukka by Trask 

Comfort - They fit true to size and they also super comfortable. By the end of the day of breaking them in , I almost forgot I had them on, that’s how great they felt on my feet. Plus they’re super lightweight, not heavy on you.

Durability -  It has a skeletal leather lining and leather sock lining. EVA cushioned insole and cushioned latex outsole sourced from sustainably  harvested trees. So this boot was built to last. 

Style - I really love the look of chukka boot. I would pair these chukkas with just about anything. Whether you’re going for a causal or business look, these will definitely compliment your attire and turn heads. The Brady Chukka also comes in a beautiful navy blue color that I own as well. 

Final Words - Investing in a great pair of boots goes along way. Quality and craftsmanship is key when it comes to building something that not only last long, but also makes you look and feel great. Trask did on great job on these chukkas and if you can get you hands on a pair, get them.

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Good Morning World 

Fall officially starts today and I could’t be more excited. I wanted to give you guys a few updates on what you can expect from ACG this season. 

1. Expect to see new style posts next week. I’m hopefully looking to add a 15-30 second video to each style post. I think that would add a nice touch to each post

2. I’m excited to announce I’m working with a DMR Men’s Consignment (Local Thrift Store) Where I’ll be creating a fall/winter 14 look-book showcasing their clothes. 

3. I’ll be starting my Youtube channel. So expect reviews, giveaways, Q & A’s. and a lot more. 

Hope you guys are excited to see what I have in store. 

May Fall bring out the best in you - ACG

Just stumbled onto your blog and might I say I LOVE your style. Love to see black men looking so very dapper, and on top of that your so handsome! happy I followed, have a beautiful day!

Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m happy to have you following my journey. You have a beautiful day as well!

Painting of me by the talented & gifted @sunflowerman 👌🎨

8:30 Rant

Be that CHANGE. It’s never too late to be that person you want to be. change the way you eat, change the way you think and change the way you feel about yourself. We have to focus of bettering ourselves and inspiring people around us. We can’t get caught up in other peoples lives or what they think about us. Each and every one of us has a gift, whether that gift is sports, art or helping others. Don’t let that gift die. Nurture it until it’s ready to be used.  It’s time to reach deep inside and let out your dreams out, no matter the situation or circumstance. Don’t WAIT and don’t SETTLE. The time is NOW. Dreams are achieved through  sacrifice, perseverance, positivity, and most importantly time. Act NOW . Dream BIG. appreciate the little things until they turn into big things. I want to say I appreciate every single one of you. You guys inspire me every single day. Thank you for making this blog possibly and for reading my rants lol . BE YOU 

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🙏 to @tastemakermag for the nomination . Excited to be heading to Atlanta for #bfabawards

Good Morning

Beautiful People

Don’t be dethroned by these systems of control. Just keep your fingers crossed and get them locks off your soul - Ab-soul 

A Collected Street Style:

New York Fashion Week 2014 Part II

This week I’ll be showcasing a collection of the best street style I captured during my time in NY for Fashion Week. Hope you enjoy part 2 :)

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Good Morning

Beautiful People

Never underestimate the knowledge , power and abilities you have. Don’t let   nothing get in the way of your dreams, not even yourself . If it makes you feel alive , do it . Regardless of what others have to say. It’s your life , your dreams, your passions, not theirs . This life we’re given is the most precious gift we will ever have. Don’t be afraid to fail. Face your obstacles, overcome them and tell your story. 

I can’t believe I will be 25 this november, I guess time truly flies. Here’s a list of goals I strive to accomplish before I turn 25 this year. I’ll keep this post updated with every goal I accomplish. 

I’ve updated the list and crossed out the goals I’ve accomplished so far

1. Travel and enjoy a new state( Keeping my fingers crossed for Miami in September)

2. Finally get my License ( 8/5/14 )

3. Get a Passport so I can finally travel outside of the U.S. 

4. Visit my Father who I haven’t seen in a year. 

5. Go to my first concert  (Went to see Bone Thugs-N- Harmony last Friday)

6. Continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle

7. Read and finish 25 books 

8. Get 25 of my best photos printed, framed and hung-up .

9. Stay committed to not eating meat or dairy

10. Break all my bad habits (Nail Bitting, Overthinking)

11. Add new elements to my blog (Travel, Food and Videos)

12. Conquer my shyness (Missed so many opportunities being shy)

13.Become a Thrift Master :)

14. Use lessons I’ve learned to help and inspire others

15. Volunteer at a homeless Shelter

16. Volunteer at an Animal Shelter 

17. Find a tailor, develop a great relationship and learn as much as I can from him or her.

18. Create some amazing art/projects with some great people.(9/5/14)

19. Have a meet and greet with my readers.(9/12/14)

20. No longer let my past haunt my present and future.

21. Do something crazy like Skydiving or Surfing.

22. Stop thinking everyone is out to get me.

23. Buy my first car.

24. Become more independent.

25. Love myself even more.

A Collected Street Style:

New York Fashion Week 2014 Part 1

This week I’ll be showcasing a collection of the best street style I captured during my time in NY for Fashion Week. Hope you enjoy part 1 :)

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Good Morning

Beautiful People.

I wanted to let you guys know I’M BACK . Last week I went to NYC for fashion week and used that as a break for inspiration and to refocus. I know I mentioned in my last post that I wouldn’t be using tumblr anymore, but after a lot of thought and research, I decided to continue to stay with it. Excited to be back blogging for you guys. I got some great things coming up. Hope you guys are ready. 

A Collected Perspective #2:

Dream. Explore. Discover 

Tomorrow, I’ll be heading to the Big Apple for New York Fashion Week and I’m pretty excited, not just for the events and shows, but for the chance to explore and discover. I’m also eager to meet you guys, so If you see me walking around, please stop and say hi.I tried to hold a meet and greet, but the plans fell through. 

I truly love blogging and photography. I have had more ups than down and I feel like I need to take everything to the next level and use my full potential. I’m using this trip as a break to refocus and rebuild, so you won’t see any new posts until I return. I will still be posting pictures on Instagram and Twitterso be sure to follow my journey during NYFW. I want to give you guys a heads up of what to expect when I get back. 

1. I’m building a new website for A Collected Gentleman, so it won’t be through tumblr anymore. I will still be posting on here and answering questions as well as providing updates when new posts are live on the new site. But this blog will become more of a diary for my thoughts and inspirations. 

2. I wil be incorporating videos, so each outfit post will have a 30-45 sec detailed video of the look. I will also be doing video reviews of products I receive followed by giveaways and Q and A’s. So if you guys send me some questions, I will answer them through a video post. 

3. I want to add more of a lifestyle touch to my site, expect recipes for healthy meals, tips for skincare, and a lot more :)

I have so many goals and ideas that keep me up at night. but if there is  anything you would like to see from me, be sure to message me and let me know. This three-year journey has been amazing and you all have made it worthwhile.  I’m excited to see what the future has in store for me. 

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