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Never forget where you came from

I just got back from doing a grocery run and saw that a family had to put away all their groceries because the system that takes EBT card (food stamps) was down, I’m sure there were others who probably was depending on using it as well and it almost brought tears to my eyes. I’m standing there wishing I had enough money to buy food for them. My family still depends on the ebt card, it’s helped me though my high school and college years. I just remember days where we would be starving waiting for the money to be put on the card. I also remember days where we would having to put food back because the system would be down, and that feeling of having a line of people behind  as the clerk put your food in a cart to be returned back the the shelves was shattering. Tonight just made me cherish what I have and appreciate how far I’ve come. We can’t take things for granted and we can’t be hard on ourselves. You never know who’s in a worse situation. 

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We gotta make a change…
It’s time for us as a people to start makin’ some changes.
Let’s change the way we eat, let’s change the way we live
and let’s change the way we treat each other.
You see the old way wasn’t working so it’s on us to do
what we gotta do, to survive.

-Tupac Shakur

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Beautiful Escape Part II. #vsco #vscocam

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Beautiful Escape #vsco #vscocam

Tagged: #vsco #vscocam

dreams are meant to be lived 

Tell Your Story 

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Knit Tuck 

Better in tune with Autumn’s color palette. Let me know what you think of today’s look. 

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@llbean season #vsco #vscocam

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Quality > Quantity 

A Collected Perspective #3

I Am

I was scrolling though tumblr yesterday and stumbled upon an image that read I AM and that picture really spoke to me. I took inspiration from it to create the image above and the third installment of A Collected Perspective. 

Being on this earth for 24 years the best thing I’ve learned is that you HAVE to own who you are and love who you are, regardless of how others think or feel. Your sexuality, gender, ethnicity etc shouldn’t label you as a statistic, but define you as an unique individual who wants to be that change. We’ve all shed tears, shared laughs, been in love and felt used,but through the ups and downs we survived and that’s all that matters. Every word in the image above symbolizes who we are, what we’ve been through and where we’re headed. Take the time to appreciate yourself, even when the times are tough. I know it’s hard to keep your head held high when everywhere you turn there’s tragedy and loss, but we have to smile and enjoy this life we have. Call a relative you haven’t spoke to in awhile, forgive a friend who betrayed you, and let go of your past. Focus on making your dreams a reality and leaving a trail for others to follow. Everything is going to be alright, just keep pushing. 

I’m not going to lie this past few months have been a challenge for me, I’ve been dealing with growing up and finally taking on adult roles(401k, buying a house, Grad School etc) I’ll be 25 next month and a lot has been going through my mind, and I just want to be successful and be able to give back and take care of my family. But I know that time will come, I feel like I’m on the right path. I’m taking life one day at a time, learning from my mistakes, and appreciating my accomplishments. Even though I have obstacles in my path, I’m happy and excited about what the future holds. 

I hope this post encourages you this weekend, I hope it helps you make it through the day. Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts and story. I love you all .


Photography by - Isaiah Johnson
Model - Ronyca
Instagram - A Collected Gentleman
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